Popular Health Shows

Sehat Ki Baat

This show provides overall guidance for better health.The program gives broad information on measures and requirements for good health.

sehat ki baat
ultimate living

The Secret Of Ultimate Living

This show guides one to keep positive attitude for self and others to be happy and calm in every situation.

Yog Rahasya

This show is related to the spiritual yoga that makes us healthy and happy.In this programme we learn some exercise by which we can gain health physically and mentally. 

yoga rahsya
rejuvenate Life

Rejuvenate Life

The Show Contains the very basic problems faced by everyone 
today irrespective of their caste, creed, religion, age group i.e. physical, mental, social and spiritual health,  it briefly discuss about major health issues, causes, symptoms,  statistics and life style to be followed
in order to keep the disease at bay.

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