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This program provides practical solutions & guidance based on the teachings of Brahma Kumaris about daily problems faced by students, youth and family to lead a life with full of happiness.

samadhan byBksuraj Bhai Ji

Suhana Safar

‘Suhana Safar ‘ is a talk show, which is based on the challenges, issues most of us across in the journey of Life and the solutions with achieving the ultimate goal to be pleasant.

Zindagi Bane Asaan

This show redefines the purpose of life and improves the overall qualities of human life so that it becomes a source of joy and happiness.

zindagi bane asaan positive lifestyle show
Jeevan Mulya

Jeevan Mulya

There is famous saying that -“A man without virtues is like an animal”. This show is based on the treasures of virtues that are hidden within us.

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