Jyotirgamaya (1)

Category: Talkshow  Language: Malayalam

Synopsis: This Word Derived from Sanskrit Scripture which means ‘into the light’. This Show leads us to correct Knowledge that enlightens our life. Guidance in Rajyoga Meditation is also given in this Show.


It also highlights the application of Godly knowledge in different fields. It focuses on bringing out the qualities and morals from their lives which are relevant in day-to-day life. Motivational and inspirational programs help viewers to prioritize the positive values in their lives. Click here for more episodes…

Free From Addiction

Inspired Life

Inner Personality

Zindagi Bane Asaan


Ek Mulakat

Ek Mulaqat

The Gita Decoded

The Gita Decoded

Khushiyan Khede Sadde Vede

Khushiyan Khede Sadde Vede