Popular Inspirational Shows

Ek Mulakat

This show is targeted towards family audiences and introduces them with the national and international celebrities who have serving the society in fields such as administration, science & technology, art & culture, business & commerce etc.

Ek Mulakat show -Interview with celebrities who visit Brahmakumaris campus at Mt. Abu headquarter-godlywood studio
hum honge kamyaab

Hum Honge Kamyaab

This show is about Success through Memory, which will help students to make their studies more interesting, to increase memory, concentration, confidence, develop personality skills to lead a healthy, happy, successful and purposeful life.

Wings of Brahma Kumaris

This show focuses on ethical values and spiritual dimensions as well highlighting different educational aspects.

wings of brahmakumaris
shashwat yogic kheti

Shashwat Yogic Kheti

This is an innovative concept that involves application of organic manures, bio fertilizers and indigenous local as well as modern technology. An essential ingredient is the practice of Rajyoga meditation by the farmer.

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