Brahma Kumaris is a non-profit organization promoting social awareness through a kindling of conscious transformation through self -realization. The organization endeavors to create a vibrant lifestyle by removing stress and negative emotions by awakening the soul power within the social structure of humanity. The suffering and intolerance in society is a mere reflection of the weak expressions of problems in human nature. The organization aims to demystify the enigma of spirituality and help in an inward transcendence for a qualitative upliftment whilst providing clear cut solutions for day to day confrontations of human beings.


Godlywood Studio was an endeavor to ensure that every home received the practical spiritual wisdom through television the tools of self-empowerment and effect a change in the collective consciousness. Nestled in the sylvan foothills of Aravali Range, Godlywood Studio was established in 2012 at the Brahma Kumaris International Headquarters campus Mt. Abu Rajasthan.

Godlywood Studio airs programmes with an aim to promote holistic lifestyle changes for peace, happiness, compassion and universal brotherhood in society. The programs cover guided meditation, talk shows, interactive participation in panel discussions, solutions for practical problems, self-empowerment, de-addiction, making correct choices in life including cultural programs and heart-stirring music. Programs are showcased in national and regional languages for maximum viewership and reach. Around twenty departments synergize with a creative volunteer base engaging in services of scripting, editing, designing, shooting and total construction for credible quality content.



1. Godlywood Studio is a simple six storied structure with linear architectural lines and an impressive all glass facade.

2. The Studio is equipped with the State-of-the-Art facilities comprising of Hi-Tech systems, lighting systems, control rooms with audio-visual switchers and remotely operated cameras.

3. Programme shoots are done with HD (high definition) cameras and Dolby systems.

4. The Studio has a preview theatre with 5.1mixing facility, an excellent sound system with a seating capacity of 25 nos., for films, dramas, and episodes.

5. The Audio recording studio is housed on the fourth floor with top-class facilities to enhance quality, clarity, perfection in sound effects.

6. The Animation department, on the fourth floor, has a network of the station and related systems for intricate detailing for effective use in production.

7. Godlywood Studio is a busy hub creating, producing, and broadcasting value based incisive programmes targeting pan India and global viewership.