Popular Spiritual Shows

Amulya Ratan

In this series, Godly Versions to the humankind has been simplified and presented in such a way that these versions can be easily adopted in one’s life.

SBG Title

Shreemad Bhagwat Geeta

We have ruined our life by letting it run on the dictates of others and the dictates of our own mind. In such a scenario, how valuable is the ancient wisdom of BhagawadGeeta, a treasure trove of spiritual knowledge.

Your Questions Dadi's Answer

This talk show brings out all the beautiful experiences of Dadi Janki ji’s life which have inspired millions of people to come out of their limiting beliefs about one’s self and experience true bliss under spiritual knowledge imparted by God.

your question dadi answer

Ruhani Rahein

Ruhani Rahein documents the life stories of Seniors founding male members and senior dedicated members of the Brahma Kumaris.It reveals the life of yogis who have dedicated themselves for the well-being of the humanity.

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