Bhalo Thakun Pratidin (1)

Category: Talkshow  Language: Bengali  

Synopsis: Bhalo Thakun Pratidin means being happy every day. As the name suggests, this Bengali programme is leaving a very good impact on the Bengali People. If the viewer is a student then there are episodes on Memory Power and Overcoming Exam Fear.


For business people and job workers, there is Easy Life For Busy People, Stress-Free Living, Positive Thinking etc, and many more episodes on topics related to daily life. Techniques of Meditating with God by invoking inner powers are also explained. Motivational and inspirational programs help viewers to prioritize the positive values in their lives. Click here for more episodes…

Self Esteem

Personality Transformation

Overcoming Exam Fear

Zindagi Bane Asaan


Ek Mulakat

Ek Mulaqat

The Gita Decoded

The Gita Decoded

Khushiyan Khede Sadde Vede

Khushiyan Khede Sadde Vede